What do Aggie Hostesses do?

We assist the Texas A&M Letterman’s Association and the 12th Man Foundation on Texas A&M Football Game Days. We also assist with other events with the Letterman’s Association, 12th Man Foundation, and Texas A&M Athletics.

How do I become a part of Aggie Hostesses?

Applications will only be available for those who come to our informationals. Informationals about Aggie Hostesses will be held in the Spring after MSC Open House. Come find us at the Spring MSC Open House or check us out here, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to find out the exact dates for informationals.

What is the new member process?

Girls seeking membership are required to attend one informational and fill out an application. Girls selected from from the applications will be invited to our social. After the social, a selection of girls will be invited to sign up for an interview. After all the interviews are completed, we will make our final selection for new members.

Where can I get an application?

Girls can pick up an application at one of our mandatory informationals only.

What kinds of girls are we looking for?

Dedicated, intelligent, and devoted girls to our school values and athletic department.


You must be currently enrolled in Texas A&M University or Blinn Team Program to apply. You must have a 2.0 GPR or higher.

Want to know what we are doing now? 

Follow us on Twitter at @aggiehostesses and on Instagram at aggiehostesses (#AHLife). Find us on Facebook under Aggie Hostesses.



4 thoughts on “FAQS

  1. Hi and this is just a curious question but do you have to be a certain age to do this or at least try out now I am typing this late at night well at least for me so it a really are you truly asking this question then you do not have to reply but that you for reading I am a huge fan of yall and our Aggies of course


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